A successful Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) program will help you to achieve a healthier patient population, improved clinical outcomes, and increased profitability. The best RPM partners will not just provide software, they'll have a team dedicated to supporting your practice.

Here are 5 traits that make a great RPM client success team:

CPT® Code Expertise 

This expertise should start from your first interaction. During your initial conversations, the potential partner should be able to clearly articulate CPT® Code Requirements. They should be able to answer questions easily with citations of where their guidance comes from while also ensuring their technology platform helps reduce complexity when you seek reimbursements.
On an ongoing basis, your partner should have a support team for reimbursement related questions:
  • Does the platform provide any audit protection?
  • What is the process if CMS rejects a claim?
  • Does your partner have external resources to assist you?

Clinical Experience

When you or your staff has a question, talking to someone who knows what it’s like to work with patients in a clinical setting is important. Client success programs include staff clinical backgrounds are more likely to understand the questions you may have and be able to appreciate the needs of your patients and practice. Successful RPM programs are grounded in superior clinical workflow support—they will be able to help you optimize your workflows so your staff can utilize RPM without adding extra work. 

Onsite Support

When getting started, phone, chat and email support are great, but when it comes to training, nothing beats being able to talk to someone face-to-face. Consider a client success program that will provide onsite support as an option. This level of service may come with slightly more cost upfront, but they yield dividends when your staff is fully trained and on the same page from the start. *Due to COVID-19, onsite-training may not be possible in some areas.

Ongoing Support

Responsive and knowledgeable ongoing support is key to the success of any RPM program. Without it, even with the best of intentions, there is a chance that your program might not take off. The right Client Success team can take most of the work of a program launch off your plate and function more like highly efficient program managers than like basic tech support. Make sure that your client success team will be there for you before, during, and post RPM implementation. 

RPM Program Management Consulting

A full service RPM will provide regular, structured reporting and meetings that include review of your performance data. This type of support can be like management consulting and lead to better results. Look for RPM partners who offer support to make sure you understand your key metrics.

A strong Client Success and Customer Support team ensures that leaders are invested and confident that they will succeed. They focus on making the process seamless for healthcare providers.

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